Brent Reed, purchased his first 1969 mustang sportroof while working as a painters helper at a local Utah Ford dealership in 1970, and he's been passionate about the Mustang ever since. Today, Brent and his wife Heidi are owners of Mustang Ranch and have built their business into the premier Mustang restoration and custom facility of Utah. They've restored hundreds of classic Mustang's and Shelby's to their original condition and taken the custom and modified mustang to another level.

Mustang Ranch has won many national awards for their work and have had their cars featured in many national publications, but more important - the dedication of Brent-Heidi and their team to the complete restoration process is beyond compare. The restoration team at "The Ranch" looks at each project as their own. You can see the care, love and perfection they put into each restoration.

Like many previous classic Mustang owners, Brent sold his original 1969 Mustang, and regretted it ever since. Once you have owned a classic 'stang, you're always a Mustang lover. Generation X'ers to those of us that recall seeing the original Mustang in the local Ford dealership showroom to those of us that have owned, and regretted selling your original Mustang now have the opportunity to "Step back into your dream." While the original Mustang sold for about $2500 fully loaded, classic restored Mustangs and Shelby's have brought as much as $500,000 Most range from $40,000 to $100,000.

Yes, the classic Mustang is a great investment, but more important, they are part of your life, your history and your dreams. Brent-Heidi and their team at Mustang Ranch can walk you thru all aspects of your classic restoration. You can tell from the first time you meet, that the folks at Mustang Ranch are truly a dedicated team of professionals.

Call Brent or Heidi today. (801) 262-0840 and "step back into your dream!"


If you are looking to step back into your dream call Brent or Heidi today at:

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